Fur has always been a symbol of Russia, the sign of wealth and welfare. Even Siberia in a distant 17th century was conquered because of immense fur opportunities. The Russian woman cannot think of her wardrobe without a mink fur coat which will make any woman look like an aristocrat! In Russia fur is first of all protection against cold and the beauty is second place.


Mink is the most Russian fur. The Nordic mink is the most practical in terms of the Russian climate. The fur is not afraid of moisture, and therefore is more durable. Mink coat fashion came from Hollywood’s 30s. The person who was experimenting with mink fur was Paco Rabanne who was the first to show to the world mink suits, skirts and jackets inlaid with metal plates and rings. In the 1980s, luxury mink fur manteaus were made and thus became an important attribute of a wealthy woman.

A new era begun in the history of mink fur since the mid-1990s – a new cutting technology appeared. Designers apply so many methods to this noble fur: mink is painted in different colors, plucked, treated with laser and bleached, as well as combined with all kinds of materials.

Rabbit, rex rabbit

Rabbit, rex rabbit

Rabbit Fur recently has won again a fancy place in fashion collections. The first peak of its popularity fell on years of World War II when, because of lack of money, furriers were forced to work with cheap raw materials. Fur of a rabbit is one of the most available types of fur which not only allows designers to experiment but also often serves for imitation of expensive types of fur. It is cut as velvet, it is painted in the most different colors and takes the most unusual  forms.

Rex (rex rabbit) is a breed of a rabbit possessing dense and very gentle fur. Not only fur coats and accessories are made of rex rabbit, the fur is also widely used during creation of very fashionable knitted fur products.

Fox and polar fox

Furs изображение

Fox fur is the main favorite of all fashionistas for the last few seasons. This fluffy fur in today’s light version is the perfect way to make clothes weightless and voluminous, as today’s fashion requires. Long-hair fur is for those who, first of all, value comfort and warmth. It is able to enhance energy and sensuality and transmit it to its owners.  

Products made of this type of fur look luxurious. As well as in the history of other types of fur  polar fox and red fox fur  found a huge popularity thanks to the Hollywood cinema. It is widely known that the President of Paramount Pictures was a fur maker and encouraged widespread use of fur on the blue screen. In the early 20th century, polar and red fox fur was used mostly for final decoration. Since Marlene Dietrich appeared on the screen in a fox fur coat, this fur started a new chapter. Short fur coats were worn by Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. In the early 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent showed short fox fur coats painted in unconventional bright colors – then this collection gained a reputation of being scandalous. In the 1990s, black fox fur came became popular.


The pride of Russian fur makers – fur of Russian sable – has always been and remains a symbol of luxury and wealth. The sable fur coats, coats and redingotes decorated by this precious fur and even just collars and throat-wraps have always been held in high esteem. Sable fur is common to wear with some shade of negligence. A sable fur coat is a real treasure. It is not by chance that sable fur is considered to be the best in the world according to its color, gloss and tenderness. Prices for sable coats have never been affordable. In the late 19th and early 20th century, the cost of such a treasure could be compared with the cost of a good apartment. In the democratic 1960s and 1970s, sable fur was put aside, and then returned in all its splendor in the 1980s.

Sable fur is so great that even today, in the era of cutting, coloring and other kinds of processing natural color fur remains the best.

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