Cossacks have always been special kind of Russian troops. Brave, fearless, reckless, they are a symbol of courage and devotion. This ethnicity has its own culture and traditions, loves horses, knows everything about horse life. They are very religious and protect Russian Orthodox Church. Cossacks protect their traditions and respect good old times. In every big  city there’s their clan living and in St. Petersburg they are united in 6 clans or groups.

There’s  so much interesting concerning this ethnic group. For example, when the king of England George III asked Catherine the Great to sell him 30000 Cossacks for protection of the English colonies in America who knows how the Independence War would finish if the Russian empress agreed upon negotiations but Catherine decided to stay neutral and refused.

After Patriotic War of 1812 (The war with Napoleon) in Russia there were more than 200,000 French soldiers left. When the post war economic situation started improving Russians gave the French certain period of time during which they were supposed to decide what kind of work they would do in Russia. Many chose to be French language teachers, others found themselves in agriculture, but many decided to remain in the military field. Even during battles the French were delighted with courage of Cossacks and choosing their profession asked to be sent to the Cossack military divisions. A very interesting fact: many French soldiers went to serve to the Orenburg region in Russia where they founded settlements. As a result of this we in Russia have our own Paris and Pontoise city.  Such Russian surnames as Frantsuzov or Zhandrov come from those Cossack times of the 19th century.

Dances and songs by Cossacks are fun! They play tricks, dance in a very vivid and beautiful way! Group dancing when various difficult shapes are formed is especially good. They even use a canon in the performance!

If you are interested to see a show by Cossacks, please, send your request to one of my e-mail addresses: or or use what’s app +79119682688.

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