Amber is a semiprecious stone. It is found at the shore of the Baltic Sea. This ancient mineral is fossilized resin of pine trees. There is a great variety of colors and shades of this stone starting from transparent yellow to white opaque. The youngest is greenish amber. Its age is about 1 million years. As time passes by amber becomes yellow –  it is more than 10 million years old and the most valuable antique amber is white amber or milky amber, it is more than  40 million years old. Reddish amber gains the color when it fossilizing gets elements of iron, magnesium and zinc. It will also obtain a red brown or brown shade.

These stones are from those times as dinosaurs were! The well-known amber room in Catherine Palace is made of 1.5 tons of amber of different grades. More than 4 tons of perfect amber was used for its creation! It is a stone of the Sun, it gives a lot of energy and positive emotions, attracts happiness, brings good luck. Little kids are given a small necklace with a piece of rough amber. Staying on their chest it relieves the pain while their teeth grow. The immunity increases.

This stone is widely used in the cosmetic industry, amber powder is added at the production of soap, creams and other products. Amber possesses the bactericidal action helping fast healing of wounds and scratches. At a headache it is useful to rub temples with smooth plates of amber.

It is impossible to ignore the most known medical amber products— beads and bracelets made of raw stone. Constant contact with skin, in particular, if touching neck amber saturates the organism with iodine, selenium, iron, magnesium and other necessary substances for the correct work of a thyroid gland.

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