What to buy in St. Petersburg


Matrioshka comes from a Russian word «Matrona» which means Mama because inside of a doll there’s another one which has another doll inside and so on. There can be from 3 pieces up to endless quantity of dolls inside. It depends obviously on the size. Some dolls are so big, I would say huge and they are a real masterpiece – everything depends on the imagination of the craftsman who made it.

Lacquer miniature is a type of traditional arts and crafts which differs in execution of complex tiny painting on a product made of paper-mache. Painting is called lacquer one  because the boxes (usually used for keeping jewelry or important papers) are decorated with a complex lacquer  miniature.

Fur has always been a symbol of Russia, the sign of wealth and welfare. Even Siberia in a distant 17th century was conquered because of immense fur opportunities. The Russian woman cannot think of her wardrobe without a mink fur coat which will make any woman look like an aristocrat! In Russia fur is first of all protection against cold and the beauty is second place.

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