About Me

My name is Natalia. I am a professional tour guide tested and approved by the Ministry of Tourism in St. Petersburg. History, culture of my people, cuisine, traveling – it all makes part of my heart and my personality.

About Me изображение

I have traveled a lot in the world, lived in different countries. I did international business and when I was back in Russia I changed absolutely my life. I did professional studies to be a tour guide in the most beautiful city in Russia. I have all of the professional licenses and every year I spend weeks and months in the libraries of St. Petersburg looking for deepening my knowledge of the city.

Different educational courses, programs arranged by the Hermitage Museum, professional tours made for guides themselves – it all is a part of my world because I want to make you fall in love with my Beautiful St. Petersburg I adore that much! Come to St. Petersburg, Venice of the North, discover it! Feel its scents, feel the way it tastes, see its beauty!



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