Faberge Museum is my favorite museum. It’s very nicely designed, no crowds. There are more people just in the Blue Room because of the famous Faberge egg collection. All in all there are around 4000 objects in the museum and the collection becomes even bigger every year. The pride of the museum is 11 Faberge eggs among which there are 9 imperial ones –gifts presented by Russian tsars Alexander III and his son Nicholas II to the empresses Maria Fyodorovna and Alexandra Fyodorovna. Each of the eggs is a masterpiece no doubt.  The collection will be interesting for ladies to see but not only for them.

If you just think: these things are all «alive», they were looked at by great historic characters, they were admired and held in hands by Nicholas II, the last Russian empress Alexandra Fyodorovna. Every pretty little thing sometimes hides sad stories about its owners and their tragic lives. How many times they passed from hands to hands after the Russian revolution of 1917! We actually should thank Malcolm Forbes, American magnate. Once in the 60s examining recently arrived antiques in a shop he saw a golden cigar case. He bought it and presented it to his spouse for Christmas. That’s how this 60 year long passion started. Usually everyone thinks that every egg has a surprise inside, that is where Kinder Surprise concept comes from. Egg “15 years of reign” does not have any surprises inside but it is beautiful and astonishes with its amazing enamel miniatures and a gorgeous flat diamond on top.

Objets de Fantaisie are absolutely charming! Carl Faberge was a good psychologist and marketing genius. He understood that heavy jewelry is beautiful but the world wants something new. He created sweet, precious and very expensive things. Something pleasant to look at and practical at the same time.  A bulldog head with diamonds as eyes and teeth is very cute. A precious mini sedan chair made of green apple enamel attracts view. It has a practical meaning! It is a support for crochets! Inside everything is a miniature! Little cozy sofas, support for feet, a tiny door with a cute little handle! So much fun! This article is just a small thing of what the museum has! I would say that this museum is a must!

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