A beautiful church, a decent example of new Russian style. 7000 square meters of Venetian mosaic. No paintings just mosaic! Construction started in 1881 when on the spot where the church stands today Russian emperor Alexander II (mostly famous for adopting a law abolishing serfdom in Russia, it happened in 1861) had been mortally wounded All together there were 8 attempts to kill the emperor, the 7th and 8th attempts happened on the same day.

On the 1st of March 1881 the emperor’s carriage was passing Griboedov channel. Then a terrorist Risakov threw a bomb, the carriage was damaged but the emperor’s mistake was to get off to see what happened to wounded and killed people. Then another terrorist Ignatiy Grinevitskiy threw the second bomb right to the feet of Alexander II. 2 hours later the Tsar called Liberator died in the Winter Palace. His son Alexander III founded the church, diamond of St. Petersburg –Savior on the Spilled Blood because emperor’s blood had been spilt there. Very recommended. Closed on Wednesdays.

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