Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city with so many places to see. It has a lot of faces. There’s Saint Petersburg with beautiful palaces, residences and there’s Saint Petersburg hidden from everyone. Façade part as a rule is very pretty, carved out but if one gets into the yard they will get into the labyrinth of yards big and small ones. Saint Petersburg is famous for its yards. That’s why partly the capital was moved from Saint Petersburg to Moscow in 1917 because such a network of tunnels created very good opportunities for anti revolution rebellions.

Kronshtadt is the city of Russian sea glory. It Is slightly older than St. Petersburg, literally  3 months older. At the beginning of…

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Surely it’s worth seeing St.Petersburg from water. That’s a different kind of beauty when one can admire the city from a different perspective. Itineraries are different, but all of them pass by the most beautiful places. You will pass by Main State building of the Hermitage where works of impressionists are introduced. The Western wing of the building is still headquarters of the Western Military District of Russia, this part of the building has always had a military purpose. The Pevchesky Bridge, one of the widest in St. Petersburg, and to the right of it there’s  the Singing Chapel where still you can see the imperial box, and where  concerts and speeches of world best performers of  opera take place. The well-known Moika 12, every student will be able to tell you that A.S. Pushkin spent there last 6 months of his life.

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